What will I receive for my $99?

You will receive an on demand personalized confidential HIPAA compliant PDF consultation about your oral condition. The more images(including X-rays) and information you are able to provide our dental specialist the more accurate we can be with our diagnosis and recommendations of treatment.

Why a Specialist?

Dentist on Dmand is different from ALL other online consultation services in that your consult will be done by BOARD CERTIFIED DENTAL SPECIALIST that has over six additional years of training and experience over a regular dentist. We have treated over 15,000 cases at the highest level of dental practice.

Is this confidential?

We seek to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and are fully HIPAA compliant. You can be guaranteed your information is secure with our service and no information will ever be sold to anyone.

Do you accept patients from other parts of the world besides the US?

Our US trained, board certified dental specialist accepts consultation cases from many other countries outside the US, such as England, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Russia, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, China, Argentina, and many others.

Do you give second opinions?

Dentist on Dmand seeks to give you THE right treatment options for your specific case in a no pressure comfortable environment. We are excellent at providing confirming or contradicting dental opinions on your specific case. After the consultation you are able to bring our emailed PDF consultation form with you to the any other dentist for comparison.